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See Alfie perform his poetry at the following venues:

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March 11th 2009
Langley Library, Barrs Road, Oldbury
2.30 till 3.30 pm. All are welcome.

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Click the slide player below to see a slideshow of pictures from Alfie’s scrapbook.

Tip: Moving your mouse over the player allows you to see the player’s controls.

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This is a video of Alfie’s speech at the “Seek My Face” Exhibition by Shaun Morris, held at West Bromwich Town Hall in February 2008. Alfie’s portrait was exhibited as part of the show and was widely considered to be among the best of the paintings on show.

This video was captured on the spur of the moment using the video facility of a stills camera. Consequently, it is not of the highest quality, but hopefully this will not detract too much from Alfie’s performance. Click on the video player below to play video.

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Thursday, January 22, 2009


Alfie is a Black Country poet from West Bromwich famed for hilarious live renditions of his unique verse. Black Country born and bred, Alfie performs and writes in the dialect of the region.

This blog contains information about Alfie and his work, details of forthcoming live appearances, audio samples of Alfie at work, and a gallery of images featuring some of the wonderful performers Alfie has been privileged to work with.

To book Alfie for a live performance, or for any other enquiries, contact him at:


Telephone:  0121 588 5158

A Brief History of Alfie

From a very early age Alfie was often stringing words together, whether they be poems or jokes, to anyone who would listen. He’s always loved the sound of laughter, which he says stems from a happy childhood with a large loving family, raised in hard but happy, times. After leaving school at the age of fifteen, he made his way in the big world to carve out a living for himself and his poetry was put on the “back burner”. It did not resurface until many years later, due to the tragic death of the beautiful Princess Diana.

Alfie's Ode For Sleeping Princess

Alfie was now well into his fifties and employed by Sandwell Council at Oldbury Council House. He was so stricken by the loss of the lovely lady that he wrote his own personal tribute in the form of a poem and laid it among the hundreds of other poems, flowers, toys and tributes. It quickly attracted a lot of attention and was broadcast on local radio and Alfie’s picture graced the front page of a local newspaper.

My lovely sweet Diana,

So gentle, fair and kind,

I can’t believe you have left this world

I can’t get you off my mind.

Never more to see your beauty,

The waving of your hand,

Your arms wrapped round some ailing child

In some far distant land.

You seemed to find true love at last

But that was not to be,

Your presence snatched away from us

With your loving man Dodi.

Perhaps God in his wisdom

Thought your work on earth was done

And called you for himself to keep

Sleep on, Princess, sleep on.

The writing bug was back and he once again put pen to paper to churn out poems by the score, though this time he decided he wanted funny ones, poems to bring a smile and not a tear. On completion, he sent them to a well known weekly paper specialising in the Black Country way of life and dialect. It wasn’t long before he had quite a little following of readers who liked his work.

In 2003, Alfie was now working at West Bromwich Town hall as a handyman supervisor, with his trusty team of workmates, when the well known and well loved radio presenter Ed Doolan brought his show to the Town Hall and invited Alfie to perform a sample of his odes. Although Alfie had never performed to an audience before, he decided to accept the invitation.

The listeners’ response was amazing, with lots of phone calls and very good comments. He was now having his fifteen minutes of fame everyone is entitled to sometime in life. After accepting an invitation to appear on state at the Birmingham Symphony Hall Christmas Charity Show, Alfie was collected from the Town Hall by the Worshipful Mayor of Sandwell, Councillor Martin Prestidge, in his beautiful Daimler car and chauffeured to the show, where he was warmly welcomed by all concerned, including staff and artists. He recited his stuff to a packed audience and they took to him immediately. Alfie had a wonderful day to remember.

Meanwhile, Alfie had already made two CDs before appearing again at the Birmingham Symphony Hall for his second Charity Christmas Show, and later went on to perform at the Winter Garden Hotel, Weston Super Mare, following a surprise 65th birthday party for Ed himself.

Alfie considers it an honour and a privilege to have been on the same guest list as so many well loved TV and radio stars such as Jasper Carrot, Jimmy Cricket, Eddie Large, Stan Stent, Brian Conley, Don McLean, Bonny Langford, Professor Carl Chinn, Less Ross, Bob Brolly, Malcolm Boyden, Jenny Wilkes, The man himself Ed Doolan and many, many others.

Alfie points out that if everyone has at least fifteen minutes of fame, then his watch must have stopped, as he is still enjoying every moment of his.

Alf and Portrait

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